Monday, June 15, 2009

SSANGYONG Rexton SUVs in Pakistan


This blog is maintained by Muhammad Kamran, an owner of SSANGYONG REXTON SUV Model 2005. Many visitors here will agree that there are not many REXTON SUVs in Pakistan, since Ghandhara Nissan imported only around 500units in Pakistan. I was wondering it would be helpful for many owners of SSANGYONG REXTONs drivers and owners in Pakistan, if we could share our personal expeiences regarding its service, technical issues, genuine and replacement spare parts arrangements etc or any other input related to this brand or origin.

I have recently started a new BLOG

Kindly visit and give your feedback or suggestion. If you own a SSANGYONG REXTON in Pakistan, kindly get yourself registered. This way we can build up our small unique community related to its issues.

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  1. Nice to see you here! I was actually going through the discussion on another website where I heard about your blog.

    I have one question if you can suggest me either it is appropriate or not. I want to import 2-3 Rexton from Singapore. I have links there, as my brother works in the same industry but he is oversease.

    The only thing is!!! is it possible to import in Pakistan without bribing? Because I really dont know anyone working in customs or dont have any political affiliation, so in later stages if I need SIFARISH or some kind of influence, that wont be possible for me..

    So i want your honest opinion, how much is it practical to import Rexton in Pakistan.


  2. I am interested in buying one these days however not sure if spares and after sale service would be available for Rexton in Lahore. Please comment.